Miracle Review 5/9/08-5/17/08
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Improvements: Good

The new activities they’ve added to the capers

The better NY embarkation from last year……smoother even with the time delays

Chair hogs weren’t nearly as bad..lol (I even have a picture to prove this!)

Security did remove kids from the aft pool area routinely but nicely

Better updates on the sea conditions from the bridge which helped those who were feeling sick know when it could be getting better

More fliers and inserts with your capers such as when luggage is lost, they actually had a flier stating what it looked like so others could be on the lookout.

The updated TV menu for interactive info from your cabin…very nice

Improvements that could be better:

Signs to direct people at the NY piers inside telling people what to do

Half hour updates on overhead when debarking gets delayed or lines start to get really long so you sort of know how long to go before you may get out

Alternative activities in case of major shows being canceled

Changing the location of tea time

On debarking, they should make sure that announcements are being aired in the rooms as well as on the system in public areas and hallways

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