Miracle Review 5/9/08-5/17/08
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1st Sea Day

We love sea days so waking up with the sound of the water was beautiful. We ordered room service for breakfast and took it out on our balcony to eat it. I took pictures of the room service menus, bar prices, etc that everyone is interested on and it will be on our cruise website soon. We enjoyed our first morning on this beautiful ship. The water was still really rough so the decks were still less crowded with people trying to get their bearings about them. At 12:00 we went to our roll calls meet & greet and we had a fantastic turn out.

Over the course of an hour and half we had about 30-35 people with us and everyone had a blast. We used mardi gras beads to recognize each other although many of us had already met earlier. We had a couple of drinks and a lot of great conversation and laughs. We then had lunch at Horatios and met Lee & Ann for tea time. We always love tea time and had our tea and pastries and we love classical music. We do always find it distractive to have tea time in Jeeves Lounge because there’s a public walkway in the middle of tea time.

The grand piano and other musicians are on one side of the room and the chairs and tea time guests on the other with the walkway in the middle. So the whole time you’re enjoying tea and listening to these wonderful musicians you’re constantly having tons of other people walking in front of you on their way to whatever else. The mad hatter’s room would be a better choice or somewhere like it that was more isolated. After tea time, we invited Lee & Ann to spend some time on our balcony with us and have a drink so we spent about 2 hours laughing over many things before getting ready for the 1st formal night.

I was impressed that so many of the people attending formal night dressed so nicely. I’ve never been one to judge what others wore and I’m not now but I saw so many people looking very nice and wanted to let them know so. We had pictures made at some of the stations one of which turned out so well that we had it made into a canvas which is something I didn’t think I’d ever do because I usually don’t like pictures of myself. This was the first night of singing waiters. When we went back to our cabin to change after dinner our capers were there and YES, our first towel animal of the week….a lobster! We spent the rest of the evening walking around the ship and then back on our deck for late night drinks.

2nd Sea Day (Mother’s Day)

Again, we had breakfast on deck while watching the water with coffee. We talked for awhile and of course called both moms plus my grown kids. The weather had turned beautiful, hot & sunny so we decided to lay out in the sun on our deck to get the start of our tan. We took drinks, mp3 players, suntan lotion and books and spent the next 2 hours having a blast! They did several mother’s day special events including having any mother that wanted to meet in the lobby atrium and take a large group photo which was then for sail. The picture turned out very nice and had a large number of people turn out. There were also carnations given out and ice sculptures.

This day we again had lunch at Horatios and decided to schedule a spa treatment apiece for later in the week. The spa staff was very helpful and had appts available for any day. After that we relaxed in the cabin and on our deck before dinner in the dining room. Tonight is the night that Lee & Ann switched to our table and began some great conversations over dinners. One of the new events this year was an 80’s party which was a blast and completely packed. It was held in Dr. Frankenstein’s Lab and was packed upstairs and down. There were contests like the girls with biggest hair and guys dancing like Michael Jackson and the dance floor was covered until about 1am when they changed to current music and lost about ¾ of their people to other places.

We decided we were ready for bed and went to the cabin to our next towel animal, a scorpion!

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