Miracle Review 5/9/08-5/17/08
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The walk in closet area has a 6-7 foot area for hanging clothes with plenty of hangers. On top of this area is a shelf the same length 18 inches high by approximately 2 feet high where the life belts are but if you push those to the back of that area you have a huge shelf area. Under this hanging area is more space for shoes, gear, whatever. Then, also in this closet is another area that has 4 large, deep shelves each about 2 feet tall by 2 deep by 2 wide when lots of clothes can be placed OR the shelves will fold up and then there’s a bar at the top for even more hanging clothes.

The living room has the sofa which had drawers under it (2), a side table with a lamp. This side table has 2 shelves inside a door and there’s another on the other side of the sofa with the same. The bar area is on the wall with an area with bar glasses and space for your own cups, etc you may have. Behind it is a glass mirror. There’s also a desk area with your ice bucket, mini fridge, phone on it. There’s also a coffee table. This room has 2 large floor to ceiling windows with those beautiful views plus a small hallway connecting the living area to the bedroom where the door to the balcony is.

The vanity area has a large 3 way mirror and vanity desk area with 4 drawers. The mirror is lighted completed around. One of these drawers is where you find your hair dryer.

Muster drill

Because it was raining all day on embarkation day, muster drill was held in the baccus dining room. It was the fastest, easiest muster drill in the history. They announced where each station would meet, you went to your area and we were out under 10 minutes.

Sailaway Day

Sailaway was rainy so the outside events couldn’t be done but people seemed to get plenty of pictures from the Horatios area and from balconies and from windows in other areas of the ship. As usual though, sailing away from NY is amazing. We relaxed in our room, our luggage was there by 4pm, and we unpacked, watched sailaway and enjoyed the amazing view. The ocean on both days 1 and 2 was very rough for many people and not only many passengers but many staff were seasick. Luckily neither Mike nor I get sick but I always bring things just in case. Angelito was our steward and he was fantastic. As usual, we tipped him on day one when he came in, introduced himself, explained his schedule, asked us any special needs we had or wanted and we signed saying he had taken the time to do this introduction. Throughout the week, I left him little notes and we never had to ask for anything. Everything was just the way we loved it.

We got ready for our first dinner in the dining room, had a few pictures made and then at 8:15 (late seating) headed for table 206, a table for 4 although no one was assigned to be with us. 2 days later we had a wonderful couple we met at our meet and greet join us for dinner for the rest of the week which made dinner time really fun! THANK YOU ANN AND LEE!! Our waiter was Christopher and our assistant waiter was Dewi and they were both fantastic! De was sweet and beautiful and they worked very well as a team. Christopher had a funny, wild streak through him although extremely professional at his job. They both spent time talking to us and we enjoyed being at their table.

The waiters sang and danced 3 different nights and while I know there are some people who don’t like it (and you can tell who they are by the looks on their faces in the dining room while it’s happening), we thought it was fun which is what vacation is about. It wasn’t intrusive to dinner. It was at the very end of dinner and dessert unless you came in late and it only lasted 5 minutes at the very longest. After dinner, we walked around enjoying getting reacquainted with the ship, listened to a little music and spent time out on our balcony listening to the water.

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