Miracle Review 5/9/08-5/17/08
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Overall Impression

Fantastic ship as usual……fantastic cabin……fantastic cruise!!! Brent is still cruise director but the rest of the staff is new from last year on this ship and I feel much better than last year. The shows were the same shows as last year so we didn’t do the shows however we noticed that they had added many more activities that were new to the capers. We’ll be posting the newer capers on our website soon, promise. The chocolate melting cake was as good as I remembered. They also moved some of the deck activities indoors when the weather was rough which was new as they didn’t do that last year either. They did have to cancel the Ticket to ride show for the safety of the dancers because of the water but I didn’t hear too much griping about it. Music Unlimited is the group playing in Frankie and Johnny’s now mainly and we thought they were excellent! They played at the Lido deck party as well. We noticed that the senior staff were more noticeable than before.

The photography actually had some very good people this year and offered anywhere from 3 to 9 stations you could stop in nightly to have photos made. There were also the normal photos you could have taken as you got onboard and when you left in ports. They weren’t pushy though. We did buy more pictures this year than ever before with any pictures we’ve had made because we had so many turn out well. We also had them develop our underwater cameras and it was $15 for the 3 underwater cameras, 81 pictures in the 4x6 size.

One weird part we noticed was that so so so many of the pictures that use to be part of the ship had been removed and replaced with more types that were “less controversial” I suppose. It took away some of the overall décor feel of the ship and we hated to see it. We also hated that it’s apparent they had received so many people complaints who felt the art pictures were inappropriate.

Best thing about the trip

We’ve decided that the aft wrap around balcony cabins are so worth the extra price because of the view and we spent so much more time in our cabin and on that deck than ever. Can’t wait for you to see the pictures and video.

My biggest gripe

Other passengers who insist on griping about absolutely everything from their flights to every aspect of their trip. Example: when anyone gets so mad because they spend so much at the bar, don’t check their tv folio to watch how much they’ve spent then get mad and scream at the pursers desk because no one had “told them” their total was getting that high…..and yes, this was an adult!

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