Miracle Review 5/9/08-5/17/08
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San Juan

Yes, once again we decided to have breakfast on our deck but this time went up to Horatio’s and brought it back. Since we don’t get in to San Juan till 3 we lay out on our deck for awhile again and then have lunch before we prepare for San Juan. The Liberty of the Sea from RC came in while we were there so we got some great pictures of her as well. We took pictures as we came into port and went into town. We had decided we wanted to do our own thing in San Juan so we did some shopping for people back home and took some beautiful pictures of the forts.

Even though we only spent 4 ½ hours in town, we decided to have dinner onboard so we headed back to the ship and had dinner in the dining room. Luckily our friends did the same thing. Then of course tonight is the Lido deck party so after dinner we got ready and headed to the Lido deck for music, dancing and games and to watch sail away from San Juan. Josh was the assistant cruise director on the Miracle now and he’s really funny and full of energy. He handled the Lido deck party and he cracked us up. Went to bed around 2am since we had early plans for St. Thomas!

St. Thomas

So even though we had a late night, we were up at 5:45am because I love to photograph different areas from different points so I wanted to get St. Thomas pictures from our balcony. We ordered room service and again ate on the deck. We were planning on doing the Captain Nautica snorkeling tour and had to meet them at 8am on the pier so I spent time getting ready and got as many pictures as we could. This snorkeling tour took you to 2 different snorkeling spots. You got to spend almost an hour and a half at the first spot and another hour at the second so you had lots of time in the water. We took 3 water cameras that each took 27 pictures. They had all sorts of beverages onboard and served fruit after the first stop and several shrimp cocktail on the way back to the ship. It was a fast ride out but great. We saw sea turtles and one of them came up so close to my face and we got the best picture of it.

We got back to the ship around 12:30 so we changed and grabbed lunch. Michael had an appointment for the “ultimate shave experience” at the spa at 1:30 and I went out on our deck with a book and some music. He truly felt it was relaxing and the staff did a great job. It lasted 55 minutes. It was his first spa experience and he says he would do it again. I had my spa treatment at 5pm and I had chosen the hot stone massage which was 75 minutes. It was amazing! They took a good history of where I felt I needed the most stress relief during my massage. Then with dim lights, nice music, the hot stones and a continuous head to toe massage for 65 of those minutes with concentration on my back and neck it was like heaven! There was no heavy sales pitch. In fact the only sound during my massage was the music and her occasional questions to make sure the heat or pressure wasn’t too much.

One neat thing in St. Thomas was that there were 3 ships, all carnival in port at the same time. The Miracle, the Glory and the Triumph. It was really cool to see all 3 of these huge ships lined up one after the other.

Once back in my cabin, I caught up with Michael and we got ready for dinner, went down, had an early dinner drink in the atrium, caught up with a few people and had a few more pictures made. Tonight was dancing waiters and after dinner we had every intention on going to Frankie and Johnny’s for music. However, the day had so worn us out that we had laid down on the bed fully dressed for just a second around 10 and woke up fully dressed about 3am….lol. Needless to say we were tired.

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