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Cruise Packing List

I don't overpack us. I pack only the clothes I know we need. I do have an 18 year old daughter who overpacks so if one of your teens is a more stuff. If you need more help, let me know! Anne

This is a uniform list but for the most part works. Keep in mind if you are flying, they have luggage requirements. This looks like a lot of stuff but it really all fits in between stuff you're already packing. There are lots of other little "extras" I carry for us. I call them "just in case" things which I have used but didn't list here.

You want to have a carry on bag since it takes several hours for checked luggage to make it to your cabin. Here's what should be in it.

  1. an outfit for dinner if you're changing (most don't the first night)
  2. all documents (passports, cruise docs, etc)
  3. all medicines (mainly prescriptions but others if you think it's needed)
  4. bathing suit if you plan on swimming asap
  5. sun tan lotion
  6. light jacket (sail away can be cool)
  7. camera, extra memory cards, extra batteries
  8. make up
  9. brush/comb

There are size requirements of the carry on listed on Carnivals site but most things fit. People bring some large carry ons....just so long as it fits through the security screener.