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Miscellaneous Packing List

  1. cell phone & charger (remember, extra fees apply on board)
  2. camera & charger
  3. underwater cameras if going snorkeling, etc.
  4. mp3 player (really good if you have teens)
  5. nightlight or small flashlight (esp. good if you have an indoor cabin..not really needed for a balcony cabin)
  6. steamer (irons aren't allowed, small steamers are easy to pack and work like a charm)
  7. first aid kit (I have one to die for I made myself, small compact with everything you could ever need---if you want this list, let me know)
  8. prescription meds each of you may be on
  9. reading material if you like to read and relax
  10. garbage bags (good for wet items on return trip)
  11. playing cards (although you can get these from the pursers desk)
  12. highlighter (great for highlighting the capers for the next days events)
  13. empty tote bag if you plan on buying lots of things in ports
  14. nail polish and remover (I just have my nails done before we leave--it eliminates this)
  15. small journal for notes
  16. plenty of 1's for tipping
  17. sunglasses
  18. battery alarm clock (small one) more reliable than the wake up calls
  19. meds for sea sickness
  20. hat if you need one
  21. snorkel/mask (some people prefer buying their own)
  22. febreeze (I never do this but lots of others do)
  23. perfume
  24. lint brush
  25. electric razor (him), disposibles (her)
  26. hair brush, comb
  27. hair spray, hair gel
  28. shampoo
  29. toothpaste, toothbrushes
  30. post it notes
  31. lanyards (for s&s card)
  32. deoderant
  33. make up
  34. sun tan lotion and after sun lotion
  35. q-tips
  36. duct tape
  37. extension cord
  38. outlet adapter/power strip
  39. hand soap (they have bar soap)
  40. tiny bottle of hand sanitizer
  41. body wash
  42. super glue
  43. bungee cord
  44. plastic shoe holder for back of bathroom door (great for all those little bathroom things & cheap)
  45. large plastic cups with lids (great for taking drinks back to your cabin like lemonade---$1 at dollar store)
  46. zip lock gallon bags (put anything that could leak in these and seal them before packing)
  47. duct tape (yes, I've actually used it)
  48. towels (yes, you get nice big carnival towels, I always do this just to keep up with them easier)
  49. credit cards, etc ( I always make copies of all this and leave a copy locked up in a suitcase and a copy with a family member at home)