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Clothes and Other Items Packing List

  1. 2 formal outfits

  2. bathing suit

  3. cover up for bathing suit

  4. underwear

  5. socks

  6. pajamas

  7. nylons/knee highs

  8. small purse

  9. tennis shoes

  10. water shoes

  11. sandals

  12. dress shoes

  13. jewelry/watch

  14. belt

  15. outfits for other evenings (casual) keep in mind that if eating in the dining room, no shorts on non formal nights, kakki pants & tops, jeans & to9ps, capris & tops, etc are all ok....if eating at horatios, shorts is fine

  16. shorts/capris

  17. tops

  18. jeans (a couple)

  19. 2 sweatshirts

  20. light jacket

  21. sweater to go over formal wear (dining room and some lounges can be cold from air conditioning or you can go back to the cabin and change after dinner--this is what most people do)