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Carnival Miracle 5-11-2007 Review - Page 4

     I had taken multiple things with us for sea sickness but only my DD needed it. Since the weather wasn't the best, everyone had to find things indoors to do. Breakfast and lunch we did at Horatio's, more trivia, my DH found a nice chain he liked, we also did sea feud & went to the galley tour which was interesting but we felt a little too fast. Son was off in the casino so DH went there and he tried to hand at the slots (no luck for Then we went to the art preview and auction which we actually liked. I've read many people say they thought you'd be crazy to go however, it depends on what you like in art, what you collect or buy, what you KNOW about art and what you're willing to spend. If you know art and know the right questions to ask privately during the preview, you could get information about the pieces you're interested in. Tonight was the 2nd formal night and then the Ticket to Ride show which was by far the best show of the week! This was also the night of the Gala buffet. The pictures of this are breathtaking! Most (98%) of the foods are cold, and I don't do raw meets or fish so the food itself wasn't to my liking BUT that's just a personal preference not anything about it not being good, my DH loved it. The DESSERTS however were incredible!

     Fri----4th sea day-----Another really rough night and day at sea but didn't stop us at all! More great food, more great games, the sun peeped out enough to get out on the deck more. We went to tea time today and we really liked it. We wished they held it in a more private place though. It had a nice tea service set up for you and pastries and classical music playing but there was continuous traffic as people passed through that weren’t' there for tea time so that takes away some because it's distracting. We packed early in the morning so we could enjoy our last day without having to worry about that. We tried to fit in as much as possible in that day! Our bags were outside the door by 8:30 and then we left to go to the last show, etc and they were gone when we came back.

     Sat----time to leave-----we got up early today to see NY coming back into view and then to go up and have breakfast. After docking, we went downstairs around 9:30 and we were off the ship by 10:30, no problem. Luggage was neatly lined up depending on the color of your cabin tags and we had ours marked so they were easily identified even from a distance.

     EXTRA COMMENTS----The gym has a beautiful view even if you don't like to work out. Mini golf is up on the top deck on the front of the ship. We didn't use the internet but we did take out laptop to download pictures at the end of each day which doesn't need the internet. Those of you asking if the laptop would fit inside the safe, no it won't HOWEVER it will fit on top of the safe and then the door is closed, out of sight, out of mind. They will give you free playing cards at the purser’s desk if you ask for them for free. The Miracle book in your cabin can be yours if you ask for it. The spas prices are very expensive but they book fast if you want an appt. They do have some special deal prices as the week goes on though. The shops on board on not outrageously priced. We bought several really great deals. We took a bottle of hand soap for our bathroom sink so we didn't have to use bar soap they have and it lasted all week. The decor of the ship I've heard many mixed reviews on but the ship is beautiful and fun but done in a way that isn't overpowering to the senses. There are tv channels on board for free. My kids watched several things on there late at night. There are also movies on demand but we didn't have time to watch any of these. The bingo is expensive and they don't do it often so we only played once. They do have several specials through the week. We played during one of the specials. I had heard so much about smoking on board that I expected this overpowering smoke everywhere but it was nothing like that. The smell of cigarette smoke really makes my daughter sick but there wasn't enough to bother her. The casino has a lot but it wasn't like we expected thankfully. It didn't bother my DD and that's saying something. The drink prices aren't nearly as bad as people think. They have drink specials every day, if you don't order the souvenir cups, it's even better. Even the things in the mini frig in your room isn't crazy. Unless you drink ALOT you won't find it bad. Extra prices,, the coffee shop & special pastry shops, any shopping you do in shops, alcoholic drinks and soda if you don't have the soda card, shore excursions, bingo, casino. Yes, the waiters danced and sang through the week. Biggest annoyance.....people who are playing trivia and other games and want to argue with the staff about the right's suppose to be FUN people.....:)

     Overall ........great trip.......great service.......great food.......great price.......tons of fun......doing it again next year so come JOIN US ON THE MIRACLE MAY 9, 2008!


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