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Carnival Miracle 5-11-2007 Review - Page 3

     Sun--2nd full sea day----Mother's day! We had breakfast in the dining room, very good. We also played more trivia, spent time out by the pool, watched them play fear factor ( I filled it out but wasn't picked for this one!) but it was lots of fun to watch. We did country line dancing and yes more trivia then listened to jazz music for awhile. There were so many things to do. Kids played bingo and no they didn't win but had fun. We had dinner together in the dining room for mother's day, all the mom's got carnations and they had an ice sculpture at Horatio's in the shape of the word MOM. Kids went off to see the hypnosis show, we didn't. They thought it was really funny. Then it was off to dancing into the night! We loved Frankie & Johnnie's in the evenings. We also went to Dr. Frankenstein’s Lab twice but it was usually younger people in there so we never stayed long. We did go to Sam's piano bar and liked it as well. Towel animal #2.

     Mon---San Juan-----We went to Horatio's, got breakfast and ate on our balcony today! Ahhhh, coffee on a balcony watching the water......bliss. Yep, more trivia, more picture taking on various parts of the ship, we've never at least been and photographed all the areas of the ship pretty much at least once. We also spent time on the decks and got ready to go into San Juan. I made sure I was up on deck as we started towards land to get those fantastic photos. At all 3 ports, we docked right at the dock so no tender boats needed. We went into San Juan, looked around on this beautiful place, shopped a little, then went to Senor Frogs. This was sooooo much fun. They had all kinds of amusing things and contests and it was packed. We ate dinner there and had some senor frog drinks in the giant people know the ones I'm talking about! I video'd in there some because my son was in a couple of the contests. Fun, fun, fun...we will definitely go there again. Debarking wasn’t hard at all, quick in fact. We got back about 9pm in time for game show mania (I did get a medal for this) and then, tonight was the LIDO DECK PARTY! Tons of dancing and music for sail away at midnight! We danced til we were exhausted. Kids also went to the show this night although we didn't....decided to skip the juggling. Towel animal #3

     Tues---St. Thomas----We were booked for an excursion today so we had ordered room service the night before for our room. I got up and was out on deck again by 6am to get those pictures then back in the room for breakfast and getting ready to go ashore. We had booked the Seablaster excursion. We had a blast. They picked us up right at the end of the pier straight on to the ship. The people that run it were great. They had non-alcoholic punch and water for the 45 minute trip out and YES you will get If you don't like to get wet, don't book an excursion with sea blaster in the title!! After the trip out, we snorkeled for an hour, then back on the boat for the true "rum punch" and it was great!! Plus snacks of course! All the rum punch you can drink and believe me, it's strong and if you want it stronger, they pull out the bottle of rum and fix you up. We returned to our ship around 1:30, about a 3 1/2 hour excursion and had a light lunch and decided to rest a little before evening as the sun had drained us. The waterslide was opened and yes, they did do a big screen movie (Man of the Year) in the mad hatter's ball room. We set sail at 6pm, had a nice dinner, went to the late show (singing with the big band) good, not great, could have used more dancing and less of the one man show. My son played some texas holdem this day and won some so he was happy. Then of course, another towel animal and more dancing to music in the clubs! The Carnival Glory came in while we were in St. Thomas and that was really cool because she was docking directly in front of us so she came by realllly close and it was amazing to watch.

     Wed.----Tortola-----Up at 5am today to get those early Tortola shots of course. We decided to take advantage of the ship being less crowded so we didn't go into tortola. We found mini golf, sat out by the pool, played cartoon trivia (I tied for the win here so another medal and more team points) We had a late lunch of burgers on the deck (really good burgers) and decided to go to the art seminar which was interesting if you like and know something about art. We did some shopping in the ships shops today, played some cards in one of the many many many areas around the ship with wonderful views and big enough tables to play cards on. Tonight was our "date night" so we ate at Nick & Nora's. We think this is something everyone on board should do once with no kids, just as a romantic dinner. Very elegant, very relaxed, food was excellent as was the service. It's worth the extra price. We spent a romantic evening together tonight. Nick and Nora's was busy and we had made our reservations the very first day and got exactly the time and table we wanted. Kids went to the guest talent show then we all went dancing in different places.

     Thurs-----3rd full sea day------This is where the weather took a pretty rough turn on us. Both later sea days were realllllly rough. It didn't matter where on the ship you were, you were going to feel it. Out of our group of 6, only my daughter got sea sick during those last 2 days but many others on board were. There was a strong wind and we did have some glasses come off the bar in our cabin.

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