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Packing tips

  1. Take a good look at the packing list provided (email me if you want it )

  2. Tie a bright ribbon, bandana or other item to your luggage handles to help distinguish yours from thousands of others when the trip is over. Also, TAKE THIS HINT SERIOUSLY!

  3. Don't forget your toothpaste, etc. There will be stuff like this in your cabin but it's sample size so not enough for a couple for an entire week.

  4. If you are a couple, don't put all his clothes in one suit case and yours in another. Split them up! That way, if a bag gets lost, you'll both still have clothes.

  5. Make sure to take a light jacket and something you can put over a formal outfit and possibly a sweatshirt. While your cabin should be comfortable, the bigger areas such as the main dining room and show lounges are usually VERY be prepared.

  6. Bringing mp3 players or personal dvd players isn't a bad idea especially for laying out on the deck if you want to drown our the sounds around you.

  7. Computers are usually safe to bring however, it can run into money if you use it alot on board even if it's your own for internet. (If you do decide to do this, contact me again because my hubby is international computer networker and has lots of good hints for protecting your computer on board)

  8. Pack carry off bag the night before leaving the cabin

  9. Put anything that may leak in ziplock bags

  10. Put taped plastic over your clothes before locking case to discourage people getting in it

  11. As clothes become dirty, go ahead and pack them each night into one of your suitcases

  12. Check inside of your luggage for water proofness and if it isn't waterproof, spray it with a waterproof solution

  13. Double tag luggage if possible

  14. Put a copy of what is in EACH bag into each bag

  15. Pack things inside of things

  16. Do not keep jewelry in checked baggage

  17. The safe in your room isn't big enough to put a laptop in it but it fits very well on top of the safe and the door closes. Out of site, out of mind.