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Tips for things to do or not do ON THE SHIP - Page 3

  1. The library has very limited books

  2. People are allowed to smoke in different areas so be prepared. They are making more areas smoke free. (My daughter hates smoking because the smell makes her sick. She had no trouble on this cruise)

  3. Remember, you have alot of people on a really big ship. At some point, you'll see someone be rude to you or cut in line or one of a million other be prepared and don't over react.

  4. Tea times can be really nice----but they are usually are in small print on the itinerary.



  7. Don't feel pressured into buying alot of expensive pictures. If you really want one, buy an 8x10 that's really good, take it home and make smaller versions on your computer. BUT, do let them take a bunch of you! I hate pictures of myself but my DH and I found several that were really good! But also, don't deny yourself buying pictures you really like!

  8. Look for the "secret door". On all carnival ships, somewhere there is a secret door which usually leads to an outside deck at the very front of the ship which is unmarked or marked crew only on one of the floors. It's often a great way to see the view from the very front but is also very private. Great for that moonlight kiss too......however....... Take a jacket and be prepared if you think you've found it because if the ship is moving, the wind on this deck can almost take you off your feet. And contrary to some comments you may see on the boards, not all ships have them clearly marked and many people never find them.

  9. One of the most beautiful views is from the fitness area. Also remember, there is a hot tub in the spa/fitness area so take advantage of it.

  10. In the casino, they are usually $5 tables so it's pretty inexpensive to play. (My son who is almost 20 loves texas hold em which they have added to the ships games and he plays lots of tournaments so he plays alot) How much you spend depends on how good you are of course.

  11. If you are planning to use the spa, do the spa tour to get the discount, book early, verify price when you go for your appt and ask them not to try and sell you anything while having the massage

  12. Three people you need to know, the captain, the cruise director & the manager

  13. If you win in the casino, expect to fill out a W2G

  14. Joining the ocean players club is free if you plan on being in the casino a lot

  15. Check out the shops. They often have items under $10

  16. Place pins or something on beach towels to discourage people from trying to pick up and walk away with your towel

  17. You can get free lanyards at the pursers desk.