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Tips for things to do or not do ON THE SHIP - Page 2

  1. Skip the bingo unless you are a die hard fan. Cards cost $10 for 1 card or $20 for a set of 3 cards and they only play 1 GAME PER DAY. If you win, you win big. If not, you lose 10-20 dollars or more in 5 minutes.

  2. See an art auction if you like art but beware of actually buying unless you really know something about art OR if you're willing to buy what you like regardless of the value of the art. Sometimes they give away free art prizes. If you collect art and know it pretty well, you can get some beautiful pieces.

  3. The casino has a $250 day limit on credit card unless you are considered a high rollar. You can also join carnivals casino ocean club if you plan on playing alot. You don't tend to see big winners on slot machines but do sometimes in others games like poker. To join the Ocean Players Club is free.

  4. Beware of FUN21. This is a type of blackjack very different from normal, less face cards and you have to adjust your entire way of playing unless you are already good at it.

  5. There is a laundry facility on various decks but it only has a few machines of each and costs $5 a load total.

  6. You can get free post cards at the pursers desk. They also have stamps there.

  7. If you feel sea sick and didn't bring anything, go to the pursers desk and ask for some. They are free. If you buy them in the ships gift shop, you'll pay about $6.

  8. Decks of cards with Carnivals logo on them are available at the pursers desk and are usually free (although this seems to be one of those inconsistent stories between sailings)

  9. DO NOT bet on the horse race if your cruise has this on the itinerary.
  10. DO NOT use your s&s card to open your safe in your room. It can demagnitize it and you'll have to have the purser reprogram it for you.

  11. On port days, if you stay on ship, watch for LOTS of specials like half price happy hours, half price spa treatments, etc.......remember, they want you to stay on board and spend money there!

  12. As you leave your cabin on the last day, remember NOT to look the safe back because the safes are opened by a card with a magnetic back individualized so if you lock it, they won't have your card to reopen it.

  13. Make sure and use a magnetic card that you don't mind messing up for the safe in case it becomes non-usable after the trip.

  14. There is a garden atrium next to camp carnival that's really nice to read a book or something. (This is on the Miracle) Other ships have other areas for this of serenity.

  15. Try and walk the entire length of the ship on day 1 to orient yourself
  16. Conference room is also good for reading.