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Tips for things to do or not do ON THE SHIP - Page 1

  1. Don't miss the Captains party

  2. Try room service AT LEAST ONCE....remember it's free and 24/7

  3. Dressing up for formal nights it is worth it!

  4. If you like trivia, do some of the trivia contests. They do them several times every day with different topics and give away little souv. gifts mostly but SOMETIMES bigger prizes like spa giveaways, etc.


  6. When given the chance, DANCE WITH THE WAITERS.

  7. Get cameras ready when the lights dim in the main dining room....singing and dancing waiters usually are about to appear.

  8. Yes, dish out the 0.75$ per minute to email SOMEBODY who isn't on the cruise with you to HARASS them about the fact that you are cruising and THEY AREN'T!! The least expensive way to do this is to set up your email to insert everyone's name in one email and with one click and a couple of minutes it goes out to everyone you want it to. The emails you'll have when you get home from your friends will crack you up!

  9. If you like to party and do things spur of the moment, look or listen for them to announce the over 21 midnight bathrobe and blue margarita party. It's sometimes for anyone over 21 with a bathrobe BUT sometimes it's an invitation only party to those with deluxe balcony cabins, suites or penthouses where carnival bathrobes are there for your use already. It's tons of fun and can run well into the night. Music is great without alot of younger adults! Can be one of the best parties of the week! Many ships are changing this and doing the same type of party but open to everyone!

  10. Skip the carnival shopping lady speeches each morning unless you are a die hard shopper on and off the boat.

  11. If you don't go into the port one day OR if you come back early and have a balcony cabin, MAKE SURE and catch at least 1 return to ship from your balcony if possible for the fun of seeing drunk people try and board a ship. Listen for roll call of passengers not yet back and join in the applause and yelling (sometimes from multiple ships) when one of the last people crawl or stumble and make it back to the boat before it leaves them.

  12. The ticket to ride show and some others are good. Be leary of magicians unless you're really into it. Really think about and screen which shows you want to go see.

  13. Remember that they do 2 of each show each night. The later show tends to be a more adult version.

  14. DO NOT MISS the midnight Gala buffet and DON'T FORGET to go the the hour prior to eating so you can do the viewing and picture taking portion of it. It is unbelievable.

  15. If you have a balcony, make sure and take a picture of a sunrise and sunset AT LEAST ONCE!

  16. The FUNNEL DECK NOT a topless deck on all ships! There is an adults area on most ships but not topless.