Recommended Books
By Michael C. Prucha
My recommended books

I have listed some of my favorite authors and book series that I have enjoyed reading. Every book you still listed I have read at least one time, sometimes as many as five or six times.

I hope you choose to read some of these great novels and enjoy the wonderful characters and places the authors create.written, and if you have any comments please be free to email the to me at

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Anne McCaffrey
Ben Bova
Catherine Asaro
Gregory Benford
Jack McDevitt
Maxine McArthur
Orson Scott Card
Roger MacBride Allen
Stephen Baxter
Timothy Zahn
Vernor Vinge
Book Series
Star Wars
Star Wars: New Jedi Order
Robin Cook
Anne Rice
Stephen King
Lucy Maud Montgomery
Tom Clancy
James Patterson
Michael Crichton
John Grisham
Michael Connelly
John Saul
Mary Higgins Clark
Iras Johansen
Edgar Allen Poe
J. K. Rowling