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Extra tips - Page 2

  1. Take pictures of your cabin BEFORE going in and setting all your stuff

  2. Wash hands often

  3. Consider wiping down the cabin with santi wipes to reduce risk of illness (they clean alot but better safe than sorry)

  4. Sea bands, bonine, ginger pills, phenergan, nausea patches, peppermint candy, dramamine, sucking of orange, lime or lemon and taking walks in the fresh air will all help with sea sickness

  5. The pursers desk is usually open 24/7

  6. Have documents out and ready including your picture ID

  7. At the port, $1 per bag is usual tip

  8. Passports are good in case of emergency

  9. Trip insurance is worth it just for peace of mind

  10. When taking pictures at ports or on the ship, ask permission if someone is going to be in the picture

  11. If you live close to a port, look for those great last second deals

  12. YOU plan the itinerary, not the other way around

  13. Make index cards to give to new friends

  14. Make copies of your passports, birth certificates, driver's license & credit cards to have at home in case you lose something

  15. Fill out all paperwork PRIOR to embarkation lines

  16. When going to embark, keep in mind that there are several thousand people trying to do the same embarking so be patient. The workers are doing the best they can.

  17. Prior to cruising, go to Carnival's site, pull up the layout of the ship and make yourself familiar with the deck plans. This way when you get on the ship, you basically aready know your way around. (Example: on our recent cruise, I knew the deck plans by heart from studying the pictures for just a little time a couple of evenings. We were able to steer our way around the various decks as if we'd been there a million times)