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  1. If you buy a picture and then get it home and wish you had bought more and aren't computer savvy, have a photo company contact carnival and carnival will send or fax a release to allow you to have the photos copied.

  2. There will be a little book in your cabin that is hardback about the ship. If you ask your steward it is free and you can have a nice souv. from your trip.

  3. Do not place ANY cards with magnetic strips against your s&s card as they will deactivate and not work and then you have to have it reprogrammed. This actually isn't necessarily true but why take chances.

  4. You can go to the pursers desk the night before the end of your trip and settle your account in cash or travellers checks if you prefer to keep it from being added to your credit card later.

  5. Remember, that some hot tubs may have sea water in it and will bleach out some colors and materials easily. Use this to determine what kind of swim wear you choose to bring.

  6. On port days, the casino is closed as well as some shops. Most pools, fitness, spa and food areas are open but may close earlier than normal if times apply. On board scheduled activities are usually lighter.

  7. If you have VIP priviledges and get to port and no one seems to know where to send you.....stay calm and keep asking, eventually you'll find the person who does. This is especially true in bigger city ports.

  8. Don't forget that you can check your charges that are being added to your s&s card every day in your cabin on your tv.

  9. Limited movies are available in your room. Some are free and some are on demand (pay).

  10. Work time into your schedule to rest. Keep in mind that between the millions of things you can do on the ship, the millions of things to do in ports and the late night parties and shows, you will be tired. Many people who have late seatings for dinner for that a rest period around 4 or 5 breaks up the day nicely. They can get up early, do lots of things, rest, go to the late dinner and then do the late night shows, parties or dancing.

  11. Avoid using a debit card for your ship & sail account. Because of holds and the way debit cards work, you often get double charged when you first leave the ship. Once the hold is cleared, the second amount is cleared off but unless you keep a really high balance in that account, it can through you way off with available cash for a few days.

  12. Make sure your bank or credit card companies are aware of your plans to travel. Many of them have daily limits for your protection. If you spend a lot on one day, it may cause them alarm that someone has gotten into your account.

  13. If you are leaving out of NY Manhattan port on a cruise 8 days or longer, the garage you park the car in has monthly fees for $180 which is cheaper than the $24/day cost you would normally pay. (Hubby is NY city born and bred :)

  14. Look for a roll call link for your cruise and sailing date. It gives you a chance to meet some of the people who will be cruising with you. They often do a meet and greet actually on the ship.

  15. It's a long ship, be prepared for lots of walking

  16. Order of embarktion,,,,,check in, go through security, photo, get on boat

  17. Fill out those comment cards