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Eating tips - Page 2

  1. Espresso and cappachino is often free after dinner in the main dining room ONLY. Regular coffee is free all the time. Espresso and cappachino is charged for in other places.

  2. Ask if you're looking for things like milk shakes, etc. They will direct you to the area that sells them.

  3. If they have something on the menu you really love, you can ask for them to bring it to you every night.......and they will (EXAMPLE: if you have a certain appetizer on night 2 and decide you want it every night, tell your waitress, they can bring it to you and you should not be charged for it extra)

  4. Don't forget about tea times, they have some really good appetizers
  5. On the first day, check to see where your table is so when it comes time, you can go straight to the table without wandering around or to have it changed if it's unacceptable.

  6. Eat a good breakfast and take a few snacks with you on the last morning because it sometimes takes awhile to get everyone off the ship and you may get hungry. There is only one coffee area open at this point and takes cash onlly.

  7. Allow yourself to enjoy the food. If you are one of these people that counts every calorie OR feels guilty about what they eat, a cruise may not be the best choice of vacations for you.

  8. If you are having a special occassion on board like a birthday, etc. You can order a cake for that night or day. You will be charged for it. Also, you can have decorations put in their room, etc all for a price. You can look that up at Cakes range about $10, decorations depend on package.

  9. If you need to change dinner times, let the maitre d know when you get on board right away.

  10. This was a list of beverages that were free during the day and in which areas. There's also a coffee hut but you have to pay for the espresso, etc there.
    • Lido buffet area - Iced tea, hot water & tea bags, coffee, decaf, hot chocolate, juice varieties, lemonade, fruitpunch. On buffet, milk, skim milk, chocolate milk.
    • Dining room - Iced tea, hot tea, coffee, decaf, milk, chocolate milk, juices, espresso and cappuccino.
    • Room service - MOST of the beverages that are available on Lido, but not lemonade or fruitpunch.

  11. If you want to buy the soda cards for unlimited soda, you do this on the lido deck at the bar. It's like $38.00 per person. This is only a good idea if you are a BIG soda drinker. Example: my kids are 18-20 and drink soda non stop all day so for us, it saves money

  12. Don't skip in line

  13. Don't get upset over long buffet lines for the welcome buffet. It won't stay that way.

  14. Don't forget that on most ships they have a grill that also does hot dogs, hamburgers & fries most of the day!