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Eating tips - Page 1

  1. If you want to make reservations at Nick and Nora's or the supper club on your ship (extra $35 is added to you s&s card) make the reservations on Day 1 as soon as you can after boarding and ask for a window seat. An invitation will be delivered to your room for the night of your reservation. Also, while there make sure and have a dance with that someone special before leaving.

  2. You can get a tray for whatever meal from the buffet or from deli, etc, etc and bring it to your room or balcony if you want.

  3. The pizza, hot dogs, lobster, steaks, chocolate ANYTHING and pastas are really good.

  4. If you are eating in the main dining room and don't see any entree that you want, ask for chicken or steak instead and you can get it.

  5. If you are eating in the main dining room, you don't have to order an appetizer or 1 entree, you can mix, match or order one of everything and the waiter won't even blink (example: if you see 2 entrees such as steak and lobster and are trying to choose, don't.....just order both......some guests say they've ordered one of every dessert or've already paid for it!......My DH and DS do this!)

  6. Don't forget about the gala buffet at's fabulous to look at.

  7. Do NOT try the basil ice cream.....this is a funny little joke some waiters and waitresses try on the people they are taking care of just to be funny and it usually

  8. There's food everywhere so find it!! Buffets plus dining room plus grills and deli's and 24 hour pizza and ice cream and room service and no hour of the day you can't find food.

  9. Where the pizzas are, they can also do calzones or cesear salad if you want. Also, if you want a specialty pizza and they have the items you want, they will make it for you.

  10. Nick and Nora's or other supper club (that you normally have to pay extra for) sometimes is open and FREE at lunch time

  11. If you want to scan the menu for the main dining room for that night's posted daily on the door so you can check it out

  12. Don't forget that room service is FREE......just tip them a little when you get it.

  13. Also, you can order room service for the next morning (like if you want coffee and pastries or whatever) you can order it the night before and set a time for them to bring it to you....nice to wake up to hot coffee or whatever!