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Drinking tips

  1. They have FREE drinks at the captains party! You don't have to drink what's offered to you.....just go to the bar during the party and ask for whatever you want. Either way, it's free during the party.

  2. They serve free champagne at the art auction

  3. Careful how many SERIOUS drinks you have in SERIOUS heat!! :))

  4. If you buy a drink in a souven. cup on day 1 at the higher price, afterwards you can order any drink and use the cup to get a bigger drink for the lower refill price.

  5. You CAN bring alcohol in PLASTIC bottles in the luggage you are checking as you come on board in moderate amounts. (I wouldn't bother with this because the prices onboard are not bad) You are allowed 1 bottle of wine per adult person per Carnival policy.

  6. You can bring pop and water in plastic bottles in a checked luggage bag and that's ok with carnival in moderate amounts. They also never check as long as the luggage gets through the metal detectors. ( I never did either of #5 or 6 just because we thought the prices were good and it's just more luggage)

  7. If you tend to order alcohol drinks, try and get the same bartender or waiter to make or get your mid week, they will sometimes give you a free one or make them stronger.

  8. When ordering alcohol, ask for the bar brand or drink of the day in a regular cup for cheaper price

  9. Yes, chocolate melting cake is as good as they say