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Cabin tips to make life easier

  1. Take a battery alarm clock. Your phone does have a wake up call built in but if there's a power surge it can disconnect your wake up call and cause you to oversleep.

  2. Suit cases fit nicely under the beds thereby not taking up your cabin space and you can usually fit 6 suitcases under a bed.

  3. If you don't have a suite then you will only have a shower, no tub, and bathrooms on ships are tight so be prepared.

  4. Because of the large number of cabins, be careful of flushing or running water in your bathroom while someone is in the shower, water can get reallly hot, really fast.

  5. Look for drawers under your couch if you have one because often there are drawers there people don't know about.

  6. Ask for more hangers if your closet doesnt have enough or if you aren't flying and luggage isn't an issue, take some from home.

  7. You can leave your balcony door open at night to hear the sound of the water while you're sleeping. This can be done with a bungee cord. The air conditioning will turn off with the door open. A strong magnet can prevent this as well.

  8. The beach towels in your room are assigned to you when you board so if you lose them, you will be charged for the ($22 apiece) They are yours for the entire trip. There are ways around this but it's not consistent. Also, if you take your towel to the pool, try adding a flashy pin or something on it. This keeps people from trying to take your towels. This is for beach towels only. The Lido deck rents extras and then you get the charge reversed when you turn it back in.

  9. If you have a frig in your cabin, it's just like any mini bar, you pay for what you drink from it. You can have your steward remove all the stuff from your frig so you can put your own stuff in it and this removes the temptation to pay for something you can get for free. (although in the middle of the night, we use some of them and prices aren't terrible)

  10. Make sure that your packed bags on outside your door between 8pm and 12am the night before the end of your trip if you expect them to be picked up. If not, you're on your own with them the next morning. (Check each ship for slight time differences on this)

  11. Hang some items to prevent taking up so much of your drawer space.

  12. There are showers in the fitness/spa area free and larger than the cabin ones and usually not crowded.

  13. In your shower there is a pull out clothes line you can hang wet bathing suits on, you may want to bring clothes pins

  14. Check you closet.....often it is adjustable. For example, it can adjust to have 2 hanging sections or shelves in different areas.

  15. If you have small kids, think about packing little outfits together in little cubes (cheap at dollar store, more expensive at that way their outfits are already put together and easy to find. As they take an outfit off, you can then repack the dirty outfit back into cube and packed back into bag ( I personally never used this system but it works for some people)

  16. Muster drill directions are on the back of your cabin door

  17. Watch for uneven areas in your cabin area (like stepping out onto the balcony)

  18. Lock money or valuable that won't fit in safe in your locked suit cases under bed

  19. The tap water is perfectly safe to drink

  20. If you are sleeping 4 to a cabin, put the person who likes to sleep cooler in the pull down bed because the air conditioning vents are close to it and it tends to be colder in that bed.

  21. If you are decorating the outside of your door, the double sided white tape cubes work great and are inexpensive.