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Extra tips on things to bring - Page 2

  1. A power strip and an extension cord

  2. A lanyard to put around your neck for your s&s card (free at the pursers desk)

  3. Snorkel and mask if you plan on snorkeling...cheaper than renting them but free on some excursions.

  4. A collapsed cooler for larger amounts of cabin ice or if you don't have a frig in your room

  5. Battery night light for bathroom especially if you have an inside cabin.

  6. Febreeze.....for that light smell

  7. Ginger and bonine or other sea sick medicine if you think you'll need it. ( I'm a nurse so I have lots of other ideas if you need them too)

  8. All types of medicines that you may possibly need. Examples.....excedrin for when you've had one too many....benadryl........diarrhea/consipation medicines......bandaides......basically any type of medicine you think could be necessary. On board supplies are limited and expensive. (I have a first aid kit I took that I made that was compact and had everything we could need--I'm thinking of selling it on

  9. Handy wipes--------you never know

  10. In your carry on bag on day 1, make sure and put all medicines, paperwork, change of clothes and swim suit if you plan on swimming right away. Remember that it takes several hours before your bags will be delivered outside your cabin.

  11. First aid kit made with what you think your family could need

  12. Pack things inside things (socks inside shoes)

  13. TSA locks for luggage are cheaper on ebay than in stores. You can get a group of them cheaper there than anywhere. Example: I got 6 for $30 on ebay. They were $6.99 apiece at walmart and the TSA website that airlines websites advertise sell them from 9.99 to $15 apiece.

  14. Duct tape is great, just a small one. (One of my daughters luggage bags ripped.....fixed it in 2 minutes and it made it all the way home even being handled by porters, cabbies, etc. )