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Extra tips on things to bring - Page 1

  1. Serious sunblock even if you tan easily.

  2. Hat if your head burns easily.

  3. Underwater cameras!!

  4. Digital camera or LOTS of film

  5. A little journal to keep notes in about your trip so you can write it all out when you get home to tell people about without forgetting half the things.

  6. About 50-100 in one dollar bills for tipping for the week. This is the extra tipping you'll be doing not the tips already charged to you.

  7. Laptop with a good photo program to download your digital pictures so you can take lots more!!

  8. Highlighter------to highlight events you may want to do on board when they leave the next days itinerary in your cabin.

  9. Post its if you are sharing a cabin to leave each other notes saying where on board you are, etc etc

  10. Possibly your own beach towels with a unique print

  11. An over the door shoe hanger for the back door in the bathroom. No, not for shoes, for all those bathroom odds and ends. They fit nicely in all those little shoes plastic holds and takes away from the clutter in your room.

  12. A 2 foot bungee cord to keep balcony doors open OR a small wedge for the same purpose. A 1 foot bungee cord is perfect for attaching the over the door shoe holder talked about in #11.

  13. A beach bag if you intend to go to beaches while in ports

  14. A water bottle or lidded coffee cup.....good for bringing larger amounts of those free drinks from the lido deck, etc back to your room